(Re-)Building an IXP from scratch
2020-11-09, 15:30–16:00, Main Stage

What does it take to build an IXP from scratch? Which technology is required and what are the operational and organizational requirements to keep it going and to attract peers?
This talk aims to answer these questions from the perspective of Stuttgart-IX, which was rebuilt from scratch in 2020.
After having a look at all these aspects we'll give a perspective on the necessity and role of independent regional IXPs in our current IXP landscape and hopefully start a discussion thereafter.

Stuttgart-IX has been around since 2005, however over the years it became necessary to rebuild everything from scratch, starting from the technological platform but continuing with its organization, contracts, etc.
In other words: We've rebuilt everything from scratch and left no stone unturned and would like to share our experience.

Moritz is a Senior Network Architect at ANEXIA by day and is part of the team operating Stuttgart-IX by night.

In the past he was in developing the network strategy for a CDN and lead the network team of a German datacenter & network operator.

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