A Fully loaded panel for 400G in your metro network
2020-11-10, 13:30–14:30, Main Stage

An Expert panel with:
IXP: Daniel Melzer (DE-CIX )
DC, ISP: Theo Voss (Anexia)
FTTH: xyz (Company xyz)

from the operator community and joining from the vendor community:

Transceiver gear: Thomas Weible (Flexoptix)
Optical Transport gear: Harald Bock (Infinera)
Switching gear: Florian Hibler (Arista)

who together will discuss opportunities in your network beyond 100G and the new challenges with 400G (coherent).

This panel is a great group of experts operating diverse networks, and vendors offering different technologies to achieve these needs. Moderation: Tim Kleefass and Moritz Frenzel

Thomas Weible - Co-Founder and CTO of Flexoptix GmbH. He formerly lead the groundbreaking software development within the company. Thomas has moved more and more towards the field of transceiver technology and his so called „support with no levels and no bullshit“. Enthusiastic in everything he does, he gives realistic and practical answers to get transceivers working and operational. As speaker at several conferences around the globe he is able to target the needs of network engineers.