Flexible Algorithms
2020-11-09, 13:30–14:00, Main Stage

Flexible Algorithm provides means to create separate topologies in a single IGP.
Flexible Algorithm Definition includes, metric type, algorithm and the link constraints and is used to
define the topology. Flexible Algorithm is a simple and easy way to solve
use cases such as separating routing-planes, constrained TE paths and low latency routing.
It uses IGP extensions and no other protocols or controllers are required for deployment.

Shraddha Hegde is a Principle Engineer in Juniper Networks' Routing Protocols Group.
She has authored or co-authored five IETF RFC documents and several internet drafts.
She has 20 years of experience in Networking Domain in the area of IGP, FRR,
Segment Routing, MPLS and IP Security. She has vast experience in building and deploying
highly scalable data-communications platforms. Prior to joining Juniper, Shraddha has served
as a Systems Architect for a major telecom equipment vendor.