Have you ever shipped a switch to Sao Paulo?
2020-11-09, 13:00–13:30, Main Stage

For most you, operating a network, shipping equipment and ordering infrastructure is easy. But how does that scale when you operate 90+ PoPs on all continents (except Antartica) with a team of less than 20 engineers? This talk gives an insight into the operational, organizational and human challenges we encountered on our journey.

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Theo Voss, 30 years old. From Berlin, but living in Vienna. Head of Network Engineering at Anexia, where my team and I build and run a global 100G network with 90+ PoPs serving 100k+ customers. I have a strong background in the ISP & hosting business, being Teamlead Network at SysEleven before. I'm tremendously curious, eager to explore new technology, and also a passionate traveler and pilot.