Aaron A. Glenn

Internetworking Curmudgeon & Network Janitor to the stars.

  • Contemporary network configuration for Linux
Andreas Bechtolsheim

Andreas “Andy” Bechtolsheim is Chairman, Chief Development Officer and Co-Founder of Arista Networks. 
Previously, Andy was a Co-Founder and Chief System Architect at Sun Microsystems, responsible for next generation server, storage, and network architectures.

Andy received a M.S. in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in 1976 and was a doctoral student in Computer Engineering at Stanford University from 1977 to 1982. 
 He has been honored with a Fulbright scholarship, the Stanford Entrepreneur Company of the year award, the Smithsonian Leadership Award for Innovation, the EY 2015 US Entrepreneur of the Year Award (together with Jayshree Ullal) and is a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

  • Building the 400G Internet Trends, Technologies, and the Road to 800G+
Florian Tschiedel

Florian successfully completed his training as an IT specialist for system integration in Berlin in January this year and then moved to Vienna. Currently he is working as a network engineer at Anexia.

  • From a City Provider to a Global Cloud Provider as a career starter
Fredy Künzler

Founder / CEO / Network Architect of Init7 (AS13030)

  • Peering with the Incumbent
Maximilian Wilhelm

By day Maximilian Wilhelm is working as a Senior Infrastructure Architect in the central computing department of the University of Paderborn, by night he's hacking on the infrastructure of the Freifunk Hochstift network and some Open Source projects. Since the early 2000s he has a heart for Linux and Open Source, developed a weaknes for networking, IPv6 and routing a long while ago and has beed a speaker and tutor at the #Routingdays and @frosconNetTrack. Lately he got his hands dirty with ifupdown2, VXLAN, Linux VRFs, infrastructure automation with Salt Stack and "kommunistischen Frickelnetzen" and is afraid of SDNs ever since. In his spare time he likes playing piano and the organ, taking pictures of natures and cute animals, and trying to stay on the board while Windsurfing.

  • Building your own CGN boxes with Linux
  • Contemporary network configuration for Linux
Melchior Aelmans

Melchior Aelmans is Lead Engineer Cloud Providers at Juniper Networks, where he has been working with many operators on the design, security, and evolution of their networks.
He has over 15 years of experience in various operations, engineering, and sales engineering positions with cloud providers, data centers, and service providers. Before joining Juniper Networks, he worked with eBay, LGI, KPN, etc.
Melchior enjoys evangelizing and discussing routing protocols, routing security and internet routing and peering. He also participates in IETF and RIPE and is a board member at the NLNOG foundation.

  • It is replace MD5...with TCP-AO
Moritz Frenzel

Moritz is a Senior Network Architect at ANEXIA by day and is part of the team operating Stuttgart-IX by night.

In the past he was in developing the network strategy for a CDN and lead the network team of a German datacenter & network operator.

  • (Re-)Building an IXP from scratch
  • Newcomer Session
Nicola von Thadden

I build networks for fun and profit at Pfalzkom (daytime) and some events (not always during the day). When I'm not into BGP or other networking stuff, I climb towers, make cider or might be seen on a bike or boat.

  • How to build a multi-tenant ISP backbone with BGP/EVPN
  • LoRaWAN introduction
Nico Schottelius

Nico Schottelius is an IPv6 hacker and the CEO of ungleich glarus ag. His work is focused on making IPv6 accessible for the broader audience and establish new markets.

  • How to build, maintain & market IPv6-only datacenter
Patrick Bussmann
  • Venueless Introduction
  • DENOG12 Closing
  • DENOG12 Opening
  • Newcomer Session
Ralf Ertzinger

Meteorologist by trade, but found there is no money in it. Has instead been playing with networks and systems for the last 20 years. Does not have a soundcloud.

  • Horizontally scalable firewall deployments
Richard Hartmann

Will copy later; need to update the blurb

  • Electrical energy, explained
Rudolph Bott

When Rudolph is not busy keeping sipgate and AS15594 up and running, he likes to get involved with open source projects like Ganeti. Feel free to talk to him about networking, Linux, Ansible or Ganeti. Or anything else.

  • Automating Juniper Devices: The Later Years
Sebastian Graf

I am working in the service provider industry since 2004 in different roles which were always somehow related to devices that forward packets. Since 2011 I am working with Xantaro in Germany, helping our customers to build, operate and evolve their networks.

  • Building a transparent Layer 1 Switch using P4
Shraddha Hegde

Shraddha Hegde is a Principle Engineer in Juniper Networks' Routing Protocols Group.
She has authored or co-authored five IETF RFC documents and several internet drafts.
She has 20 years of experience in Networking Domain in the area of IGP, FRR,
Segment Routing, MPLS and IP Security. She has vast experience in building and deploying
highly scalable data-communications platforms. Prior to joining Juniper, Shraddha has served
as a Systems Architect for a major telecom equipment vendor.

  • Flexible Algorithms
Steffen Gebert

Steffen is responsible for the cloud infrastructure at EMnify, a Germany-based (Berlin / Würzburg) platform provider for cellular IoT connectivity. He received his PhD from the University of Würzburg on the topic of software-based networking. At EMnify, he helps to build and run a software-based mobile core network running on AWS - with all its amenities and challenges. Steffen frequently dives deep into AWS networking and holds several AWS certifications.

  • How our Cloudy Mindsets Approached Physical Routers (or: SNMP was not an option)
Theo Voss

Theo Voss, 30 years old. From Berlin, but living in Vienna. Head of Network Engineering at Anexia, where my team and I build and run a global 100G network with 90+ PoPs serving 100k+ customers. I have a strong background in the ISP & hosting business, being Teamlead Network at SysEleven before. I'm tremendously curious, eager to explore new technology, and also a passionate traveler and pilot.

  • Have you ever shipped a switch to Sao Paulo?
Thomas Weible

Thomas Weible - Co-Founder and CTO of Flexoptix GmbH. He formerly lead the groundbreaking software development within the company. Thomas has moved more and more towards the field of transceiver technology and his so called „support with no levels and no bullshit“. Enthusiastic in everything he does, he gives realistic and practical answers to get transceivers working and operational. As speaker at several conferences around the globe he is able to target the needs of network engineers.

  • A Fully loaded panel for 400G in your metro network
Ulf Fischer

Ulf is Network Engineer for more than 20 years and worked for several local and global ISPs.
Currently working for Kuehne+Nagel and responsible for the global data center networks.
He is an enthusiastic learner, troubleshooter and always curious about new ideas, technologies.

  • A journey to SDN