DENOG12 Workshops

Beginning Git
2020-11-08, 13:00–15:00, Workshop 4

Git ( is the de-facto version control system for software industry. This workshop will teach how to use git for collaborative software development.

Rough outline of the event
1. Getting started with basic workflow
2. Understanding git lingo
3. Working on multiple changes, a.k.a branches
4. Collaborating with others
5. Git hosting tools
6. If time permits, (intermediate skills) how to get out of tricky situations.

Audience: Beginner/Intermediate. No git experiance is expected.

Which prerequirements should participants fulfil?

A git installed computer, see for instructions

Dhananjay is the Software Team Lead at Port Zero. In past roles he has built a web scraping and data processing platform for a search engine, dissect smartphones to map out corresponding patents and helped scale a web telephony SaaS. His interests include functional programming, cryptography and FreeBSD.