DENOG12 Workshops

ASIC/NPU for Networkers
2020-11-08, 11:00–12:00, Workshop 3

This Workshop shall give an overview about the Merchant and some of the vendor prorietary ASICs/NPUs used in Networking hardware.

We will have a look into whats an ASIC in the first place and how they might be different from one another based on their mode of operation (Runn to completion vs, "programmable" pipeline)
After a look into the datasheet and deciphering what the ASIC metrics typically are, we will have a look into why an operator should/might care which ASIC is in my networking devices.
A quick look on Whiteboxes and disaggreation is also included.
If time permits we can have a look into a couple of vendors and which ASICs they use in their product families.

Which prerequirements should participants fulfil?


Solutions Architect at Xantaro Deutschlang GmbH.
Looking after the technology areas of IP/MPLS, Data-Center and all related solutions. Helping customers to choose tzhe right technology to build their network and to verify that it is working before it hits the network.