DENOG12 Workshops

Netbox - Dos, Don'ts, Good Practice, Scripts, and Q&A
2020-11-08, 13:00–16:00, Workshop 2

Netbox has become a widely used Open Source based Source of Truth for Network automation. The combination of the DCIM & IPAM feature and providing a full read/write REST-API making Netbox a great Source of Truth for Automation. With Netbox Scripts, some Netbox feature can even be automated within netbox itself.

This workshops aims to give an overview about the basic concepts, what proved useful in the past, what didn't, what might be useful for automation and where not to go, because there lies madness.

The Netbox used to manage the Freifunk Hochstift infrastructure as well as the Salt based automation will be used as an example.

See my blog post about »Deploying a Freifunk Hochstift backbone POP with Netbox Scripts« :)

Which prerequirements should participants fulfil?

Have had tea or coffee and be awake :)

By day Maximilian Wilhelm is working as a Senior Infrastructure Architect in the central computing department of the University of Paderborn, by night he's hacking on the infrastructure of the Freifunk Hochstift network and some Open Source projects. Since the early 2000s he has a heart for Linux and Open Source, developed a weaknes for networking, IPv6 and routing a long while a go and has beed a speaker and tutor at the #Routingdays and @frosconNetTrack. Lately he got his hands dirty with ifupdown2, VXLAN, Linux VRFs, infrastructure automation with Salt Stack and "kommunistischen Frickelnetzen" and is afraid of SDNs ever since. In his spare time he likes playing piano and the organ, taking pictures of natures and cute animals, and trying to stay on the board while Windsurfing.