DENOG12 Workshops

Deploying PAM in heavily segmented networks
2020-11-08, 13:00–15:00, Workshop 3

in this workshop we talk about Deploying PAM in heavily segmented networks, touching slightly automation


Security interested Guys, Network Engineers with a look beyond one's own nose


in Part 1

we talk about providing PAM in segmented networks.
learn how to manage your privileged access with Thycotic Secret Server
with a focus on using distributed engines (and RDS servers as proxies)
also including an overview of the API capabilities

in Part 2

we take a closer look into the basics of Secret automation and how to integrate in production pipelines


  • each participant will be provided with access to a pre-defined lab environment for use case studies 48hrs - therefore the access to this is limited to 15 "seats"
    (more participants welcome to follows speakers sharing)

  • in addition a developer instance of an APIaaS is available for free
    (and permanent enabled, see pre-requisites)

Which prerequirements should participants fulfil?

none- Linux / Windows / MacOS Desktop or Laptop with Internet Connection - for Part 2: not mandatory -but preferred- to have a registered DevOps Secret Vault at: