DENOG12 Workshops

Dhananjay Balan

Dhananjay is the Software Team Lead at Port Zero. In past roles he has built a web scraping and data processing platform for a search engine, dissect smartphones to map out corresponding patents and helped scale a web telephony SaaS. His interests include functional programming, cryptography and FreeBSD.

  • Beginning Git
Florian Hibler

Florian Hibler is a Systems Engineer at Arista Networks , where he is mainly supporting companies around the German-speaking region on network solutions in datacenter and service provider networks. He has about 14 years of SP/IXP experience due to his former engagements in the IP networking industry.

Florian serves as a board member at DENOG.

  • Datacenter Fabric Automation with Ansible
Marcus Olsson

Marcus Olsson has been building data infrastructure and cloud native applications for the past 9 years. He’s an experienced public speaker and educator on software architecture and development practices. Today, he’s a Developer Advocate at Grafana Labs, where he helps professionals become better at understanding and monitoring software systems.

  • Monitoring with Grafana
Maximilian Wilhelm

By day Maximilian Wilhelm is working as a Senior Infrastructure Architect in the central computing department of the University of Paderborn, by night he's hacking on the infrastructure of the Freifunk Hochstift network and some Open Source projects. Since the early 2000s he has a heart for Linux and Open Source, developed a weaknes for networking, IPv6 and routing a long while a go and has beed a speaker and tutor at the #Routingdays and @frosconNetTrack. Lately he got his hands dirty with ifupdown2, VXLAN, Linux VRFs, infrastructure automation with Salt Stack and "kommunistischen Frickelnetzen" and is afraid of SDNs ever since. In his spare time he likes playing piano and the organ, taking pictures of natures and cute animals, and trying to stay on the board while Windsurfing.

  • Netbox - Dos, Don'ts, Good Practice, Scripts, and Q&A
Patrick Prangl
  • Datacenter Fabric Automation with Ansible
Peter Thiel

  • Deploying PAM in heavily segmented networks
Stefan Funke

Stefan Funke is a member of the PeeringDB Admin Committee. He is also the Head of Network Services at ANEXIA and responsible for Anexia's network operation team.

  • Getting started with PeeringDB
Tobias Heister

Solutions Architect at Xantaro Deutschlang GmbH.
Looking after the technology areas of IP/MPLS, Data-Center and all related solutions. Helping customers to choose tzhe right technology to build their network and to verify that it is working before it hits the network.

  • ASIC/NPU for Networkers