“Intent-driven, fully automated deployment of anycasted load balancers with HAProxy and Python” Maximilian Wilhelm · Talk (30 minutes)

This talk will show-case how to build an environment to set up your services (e.g. apache webservers, KDCs, ...), load balancing, routing and monitoring from a simple service configuration. Some lines of YAML and the power of Python are the source for generating configuration for HAproxy, bird (rou…

“Using RPSL to generate config templates” Lutz Donnerhacke · lightning talk (10 minutes)

aut-num objects should contain the peering policy of an ASN. Despite a formal language (RPSL) exists, it become more and more common to describe the policy in vague textual form. This talk encourages the admins to prefer more machine readable format.

“Source Routing on the Edge” Oliver "takt" Herms · Talk (30 minutes)

How EXARING optimized peering capacity utilization and got rid of Queue Drops using Source Routing.

“RPKI drop invalids - one year later” Sebastian Wiesinger · Talk (30 minutes)

Roughly one year ago we started to drop RPKI invalid routes from our peers. What happened afterwards?

“The fundamentals of Segment Routing” Leonir Hoxha · Talk (30 minutes)

This session will focus on the fundamental building blocks of Segment Routing technology, and an overview of technical and business benefits of Segment Routing deployment.

“Automate yourself within six months” Veit Heller, Christian Dieckhoff · Talk (30 minutes)

A open source solution for automating isp network using GitLab and NetBox

“the complexity of hyper speed transceivers - lets make it” Thomas Weible · Talk (30 minutes)

Thomas will describe in detail the structures inside optical transceivers. Insights into the latest 40G up to 400G transceiver developments to optimize your network design. Basics of how FEC compensates for errors caused by PAM4 modulation.

“Latest Developments in SPRING (Segment Routing)” Sebastian Graf · Talk (30 minutes)

Quick recap on what SPRING is and what problem it tries to address. Afterwards inform about the latest developments in this field.

“BGP Analytics with OpenConfig Telemetry and gRPC” Peter Sievers · Talk (30 minutes)

Extracting BGP Telemetry Information from Network devices using vendor-neutral Openconfig data model and gRPC. Importing BGP metrics like received and advertised routes, total prefixes, session flap and more into TICK Stack and using mathematical models to analyse the data to identify anomalies.

“Microcode updates as protection against Spectre & Co.” Werner Fischer · lightning talk (10 minutes)

Protection against CPU attacks such as Spectre v2 or ZombieLoad require CPU microcode updates. Performing these updates via BIOS updates is often a painful task - so let's delegate this task to the operating system.

“Writing Ansible Modules” Martin Schütte · Talk (30 minutes)

Ansible configuration management is very extensible and it is easy to write own modules for custom tasks with a few lines of Python.

“Scaling to support thousands of BGP peerings in a SaaS environment” Costas Drogos · Talk (30 minutes)

When analyzing peering traffic and identifying DDoS attacks, BGP provides valuable additional insight to supplement Flow information. In this talk we'll go over the different challenges, actions and learnings from the past four years to enable the support of thousands of peerings in a multi-tenant …

“challenges running a large scale public wifi network” Nils Dohse · Talk (30 minutes)

ADDIX is running one of the biggest public wifi networks in northern germany with allows users a connect once, use anywhere approch with seamless roaming between all kind of accesspoints. this incorperated a hughe pile of technical difficulties

“400G and beyond” Florian Hibler · lightning talk (10 minutes)

400G brings several improvements also towards existing 100G. This lightning talk shall give a slight insight over the the ratified 100G optical standards coming with 400G.

“A Wider Shade of DoH” Peter Koch · Talk (30 minutes)

We will look into the topic of encrypted DNS, the mesh of interests, concentration on the Internet, dramatic power shifts and long term architectural and policy consequences.

“A short story of a broken strict uRPF implementation” Benedikt Neuffer · lightning talk (10 minutes)

At KIT we bought multilayer switches which use NDP and ARP cache information for strict uRPF. This talk shows you how this implementation breaks things.

“DENOG11 Opening” Patrick Bussmann · Talk (30 minutes)

Welcome to DENOG11!

“Why should my network/facility/ixp be listed at PeeringDB?” Stefan Funke · lightning talk (10 minutes)

PeeringDB Update: A look into PeeringDB's data for AT/CH/DE/LU and the latest changes

“DENOG11 closing” Patrick Bussmann · Talk (30 minutes)

Conference wrap up

“Newcomer Session” Patrick Bussmann · Talk (30 minutes)

Is DENOG11 your first DENOG? Then welcome!
We'd love to show you around, introduce you to our mentors and tell you all about the conference, DENOG, DENOG e.V., the social, IRC and everything else.