Costas Drogos

I'm currently working as Site Reliability Engineer and leading Kentik's Operations team, supporting Kentik's hybrid infrastructure while aiming it to keep it fast and reliable. While doing so, I'm getting exposed to and manage a lot of different technologies, ranging from designing new (micro)services to configuring Flowspec or peerings, usually by coding in puppet or python.

I've got a keen interest into internet technologies, the web, networking and servers, but for the past years, I've seen myself enjoying more trying to combine all of them in order to produce clean and robust services, usually with a Bird installed somewhere. Lately I've been finding myself working more with clouds and trying to navigate around the intricacies of hybrid infrastructures.


Scaling to support thousands of BGP peerings in a SaaS environment

When analyzing peering traffic and identifying DDoS attacks, BGP provides valuable additional insight to supplement Flow information. In this talk we'll go over the different challenges, actions and learnings from the past four years to enable the support of thousands of peerings in a multi-tenant SaaS platform.