Peter Koch

Peter Koch is DENIC's Senior Policy Advisor, interfacing between all of
tech, policy, and regulation. He looks back to 25 years of experience
on the Internet and in the DNS world. Peter Koch has been a long time
active partcipant in international bodies like RIPE, OARC, CENTR, IETF, ISOC,
and ICANN and also represents DENIC in various national circles.

He currently focuses on Internet Governance, security and regulation of
infrastructure, with special attention to the development and protection
of the Internet's identifier system.

Peter Koch serves as Chairman of the Board of ISOC.DE e.V., the German Chapter
of the Internet Society.


A Wider Shade of DoH

We will look into the topic of encrypted DNS, the mesh of interests, concentration on the Internet, dramatic power shifts and long term architectural and policy consequences.